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Arafat's cause of death to identify Department of poisoning deat

According to the Xinhua News Agency Arafat's cause of death of the Commission of Inquiry on the 12th in the West Bank city of Ramallah, held a news conference to announce that, based on existing materials and Arafat clinical symptoms can be inferred that he was poisoned to death.
Commission of Inquiry announced that Arafat died of poisoning
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Specific poison has not yet confirmed
Arafat the inquest Committee Medical Team Leader, Abdullah al-Bashir, the Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Jordan personal physician, said at a news conference, said the medical reports provided by the military hospital in Bercy, France and Arafat clinical symptoms inference, did not die of a disease or natural death, but was poisoned.
Bashir said: "However, an autopsy was not Arafat is temporarily unable to confirm what kind of poison lead to his death," he said, due to lack of polonium poisoning cases and the clinical symptoms, a few days ago, Qatar Al Jazeera disclosure of Arafat relics including a large number of the polonium elements not become conclusive evidence of death from polonium poisoning.
Careful handling opened autopsy
When asked when Arafat opened autopsy, Bashir said, taking into account Arafat's reputation in the world, the Palestinian National Authority will carefully opened autopsy issue, " We also need a program on judicial and religious. "
After Arafat's death in 2004, his death has been questioned. Al Jazeera recently broadcast a documentary, said Arafat's clothing by inspection of the Swiss Institute of Radiation Physics, contains rare and highly radioactive substance polonium, which suspected the poisoning death of Arafat's Department. The Palestinian National Authority, immediately agreed to an autopsy to probe the real cause of death for Arafat's being opened.
Nephew of Arafat accused Israel of using radioactive polonium to poison his uncle
BEIJING, July 12 - According to foreign reports, the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's nephew Kidwa (Nasser al-Qidwa) accused Israel of using radioactive polonium element to poison his uncle.
Arafat's nephew said, "We have charged that Israel poisoned Arafat, the use of lethal substances, and asked the court in this murder be held accountable.
Qatar's Al Jazeera had reported that Arafat relics found the lethal dose 20 times higher than the radioactive element polonium - caused an uproar in the Middle East. His widow, Suha, the Palestinian Authority as soon as possible to open the tomb of an autopsy to uncover the truth.
Arafat's medical records exposure to the last moment of life is constantly vomiting, diarrhea
BEIJING, July 13, according to foreign media reports, a former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's medical records on the 12th. The medical records show that the health status one month before the death of Arafat, a sudden deterioration, he kept vomiting and diarrhea, when a doctor that died of viral gastroenteritis, but this idea was the denial of the Israeli experts.
The records are kept until the death of Arafat to take care of his doctors wrote. This doctor has arrived in France, involved in the investigation of Arafat's cause of death. According to the medical records, Arafat did not suffer from the elderly often suffer from diabetes or other chronic diseases. He does not smoke, weight 68 kg, drug taking treatment body tremors, body stone, but also suffers from vitiligo.
From October 11, 2004, Arafat's body suddenly deteriorate. Two hours vomiting, doctors initially diagnosed him after dinner that was suffering from viral gastroenteritis. However, after taking drugs, Arafat's persistent vomiting and diarrhea does not ease the October 29, 2004, he was airlifted to a French military hospital, but in the few days after died of his wounds.
An Israeli expert in the understanding of this medical history, said that Arafat's early symptoms are not fully consistent with viral gastroenteritis. "I think this common viral infection do not develop to the point." But he denied that Arafat's death with polonium poisoning. He pointed out that Arafat suddenly thrombocytopenia induced degradation of liver function may be caused by bacteria.
The same day, Arafat's nephew Kidwa accused Israel of using radioactive polonium element to poison his uncle. He said, "We charged that Israel poisoned Arafat, the use of lethal substances, and asked the court in this murder be held accountable.
In addition, following the Palestinian National Authority on the 9th to invite Swiss experts for the autopsy of Arafat, Arafat's widow Suha said it would rely on legal means to investigate her husband cause of death in France the next day.
Arafat in 2004 died in France, a variety of different versions of the reasons for its died. The waves renewed due to the July 3, Al-Jazeera received Suha Arafat during his lifetime through the clothing, the Al Jazeera commissioned by the Swiss Institute of Radiation Physics, detected clothing contains a dose sufficient to cause 20 deaths radioactive The element polonium.


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